Sunday, May 16, 2010

24 Week Belly Bump

I can't believe I'm 6 months along already. It's seeming to go pretty fast. (boy... I look tired in this self picture) The girls will be out of school in just 6 weeks and with the hot weather on the way, I'm starting to think about swimming lessons, gardening, and of course preparing for baby. I still have a lot of sewing and shopping to do for this little one. We already have the bare essentials.

My midwife has told me that he will "very likely" come at or even a few weeks before week 37. I'm healthy and he's healthy, but I've already started having braxton hicks and my youngest was born at 37 weeks. I guess this all means that I better get going on my sewing and shopping!

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The After Craft said...

Oh the sewing baby bug!!
No babies here.. but plently of sewing for them. :)