Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Projects

So, a few weeks back I mentioned that the weekends would be my “craft anything I WANT days”. This weekend I was able to do just that! Actually....I started my own crafts on Friday. That may have been cheating just a bit, but I really wanted to make my pattern weights.

So on Friday I made my pattern weights. I decided to use some fabric samples that I had ordered from a great fabric shop in the UK. The samples were nice and big. Around 6/8” each. But... some of them had “sample” stamped on them. Which eliminated the idea of piecing them together and making a doll quilt. I did think however that they would be great as my pattern weights. I had three samples of oil cloth and 5 samples of upholstery weight fabrics. I did a lightweight interfacing on the upholstery ones just to make sure they would stand up the the weight of the BB's. I pinked all the edges and just sewed em up on three sides. I then poured in some BB's and stitched up the tops. The edges are pinked, so I didn't have to turn them or anything. I made three sizes. The largest ones and three of the med. ones still need BB's. (I ran out) But, the others have already seen use. I LOVE them.

On Friday night and Saturday afternoon I sewed up some summer dresses for the girls. Ironic too, because it decided to snow on us Friday late afternoon. (and to think that last week it was over 80) I followed a tutorial on Crafster to turn a men's button down work shirt into a sun dress. It was very easy to follow. I altered mine a bit. I added detailing around the empire waist, and I put elastic in the back so the girls could wear them longer. I also added a tie in the back. They are really cute. I'll be making a few more of these. I'll try and get the girls to model for me sometime.

Saturday evening, I finally cut out the apron that I've been wanting to make. It'll be for me to use while I'm sewing and crafting. I'm using and adorable print that has a “pattern piece” background with sewing forms dressed in dresses. I'm making the apron reversible, so the back is an orange and bright pink striped. Both sides will have pockets and the front will have a decorative black border around most of it.

Well, I'm off to go sew up my apron. Finished pics will come tomorrow.

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