Friday, April 11, 2008

Washed And Cleaned... Well... Almost

So last night I gave my new doll a good scrubbin. The baking soda in the water did a world of good to her smell. I can't smell smoke on her anymore. The bath also cleaned up all the dirt and grim. It did take most of the blushing away as well. Which led to yet another problem. I see now why she was blushed all over to begin with. It looks as though someone began to sand her seam lines only to find that she had yellowed. (meaning that the sanded areas are a beautiful pinky white and the non-sanded areas are yellower) But, they didn't stop at the one place. They "tested" other parts of her as well. So, she is now officially labeled my "Project Girl". This weekend my hubby and I are going to sand her all over and remove all yellowing and such. She is going to be so pretty when we are done. Though... her fingers have some weird coloring between them that I couldn't get off. I'm sure hoping that sanding will take care of that. If not, I can always get replacement hands.. but the resin match won't be perfect because she is so old.

I captured some pics of her this morning in the morning sun. She's so pretty. I had fun dressing her last night. She seamed so at home in these undies and bomber jacket. She reminds me of something out of the 1950's. I have changed her eyes from the dark blue she came with the these pale blue ones. I love them on her. And, I have decided to call her Jane. This weekend I will be sewing up some jeans, tops, and hopefully a trench coat for her. We'll see how productive I really am... I still have some commissions to work on. Anyways.... here she is.

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