Sunday, March 9, 2008

Goodwill Handbag Find

We went to the Goodwill this weekend. I love going there. Some days we don't find anything and others we fill a whole cart!! This weekend we filled a cart. I found a great wool striped sweater already partially felted, some jeans and summer dresses for my girls, a few tops to remake into jamies for my girls, and my hubby found a few work shirts. But, most importantly... I found a great little handbag. It has green leather handles and dividers inside. It looks like it's never been used (no dust or anything inside) and it's the perfect blank canvas to do something with. And, to top it off, it was only $1.00!! I also found a DIY felted flower kit, new! It has the same green for the stem and a lovely orangey red yarn for the flower. It was $1.49. I made up the flower last night. Felted it this morning. It's still drying, but when it's done, I will complete it and attach it to the bag. I'll post completed pics as soon as it's done. Hopefully tomorrow. There is nothing like a great little unique bag for only $2.49.

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