Sunday, March 9, 2008

French Press Cozy

Every morning I when I sit down to check my emails, blog, daily readings, etc... I do it with a cup of coffee sitting next to me. I use my French press instead of a standard coffee maker. Love it!! But, when I'm ready for that second cup (currently working on not needing that second cup) the coffee in the press is getting cold. I decided to make myself a French press cozy. I started with a felted sweater in blue stripes. I started working on the flap with snaps to hold it in place when I decided that my dad could use one of these as well. I found a great dark kelly green sweater with a nice pattern running through it. I through it in the washer while working on my blue cozy. I made a bunch of flowers while channeling my inner Betz White. I love her style of crafting... I'd love to get her new book. Anyways....the green sweater finished felting and I cut another cozy from it. I wanted a masculine look for it, but I still wanted it to match my mom's kitchen. She mentioned a coffee mug for the front. So, I grabbed some faux black leather and free cut out a coffee mug. It looked plain on the front, so I felted on some "steam". I added some glitz to the roving, to get a bit of sparkle. I used the same black leather for the back closing and used some large silver snaps for easy on and off. I LOVED how it turned out. I almost didn't want to give it up. But, I knew that daddy would love it (yes... I still call my dad, daddy.... I'll always be his little girl) so I didn't have a problem giving it up. I haven't finished mine yet. I' did end up putting a coffee mug on mine as well, but for some reason it looked a bit plain. And, I wanted to use the great felt flowers that I had made. I've decided to make the mug into a "flower" so I can add the other flowers and have it look "cutsy". I'll post some pics when I get it all finished.

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