Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Massive Batts From Etsy

My mail lady delivered so many yummy packages this last week.  It's funny, but I received 4 packages from 4 different Etsy vendors on the same day.  All ordered at different times.  I'll post them all over the next few days.  But, I'm starting with these yummy batts.  I purchased one of these from Jahtsemer Serene To Extreme Fibers on Etsy.  I've wanted to purchase one of these forever, and with the free shipping it was the time!

My eldest daughter and I opened the package... she wanted to rip it all out, but I told her that we were going to pull one thing out at a time and savor the moment.  With a huff she agreed.

First out of the bag was this pink batt called "Pink Poodle" 4.4 oz with merino lamb, shetland, romney, cvm bamboo, faux mohair and angelina.  My daughter said "It's pretty but it's pink"  Hehe... she either hates pink or loves it.  Right now she is in love with super bright electric pink.  I think it's so pretty and soft.  In fact, it was the first I spun up too.  It made up 3 skeins as I couldn't fit all it's yummy goodness onto my small bobbin.  I think it's time for a jumbo bobbin.

Next out of the bag was was a sparkly purple batt called " Thai Bazzar" 3.9 oz SW Merino, cashmere, milk fiber, bamboo silk, puller sari silk, and glitz.  We both really oohed and ahhed over this one.  It's just so sparkly!
Next was a jumbo batt called " Mancala Mama" 5oz. SW Merino in top and cloud, banana fiber, faux angora, and faux cashmere.  I would never never pick these colors normally.  But, seeing them all together like this kinda makes me drool.  My daughter proclaimed it her favorite and she can't wait for me to spin this one up.
At this point I couldn't believe there was more in the bag.  My mouth was hanging open and my daughter was giggling.  My hubby was looking at both of us like we were crazy.  My hand went in the bag one last time and pulled out a batt called "Moody Blues" 3.5oz SW Merino, BFL, cashmere, mulberry silk, and faux mohair.  My daughter says this one looks like the ocean waves.  It totally does.  I'm spinning up this one next.  It reminds me of my parents who live at the beach.
So, in review of this Etsy store....Her fibers are amazing, she is crazy generous, and I would encourage anyone who is even remotely considering buying from her to go ahead and do it!  Don't walk... run! 

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