Monday, October 1, 2012

It's So Fluffyyyyyy!!!!

Piles of handspun goodness is covering my workspace.  I got the bug to spin last week and I just can't seem to stop.  And who would want to?  I mean, just look at that pile of yummyness. And, this isn't even all of it.  I've spun more since this picture was taken last weekend.  Below are all of them singly (except the bottom left two)
 First up are the two Icelandic skeins.  I dyed both of these ages ago.  The top darker green one was slightly felted from the dying process.  It actually spun up quite well as a bulky yarn with some slubby goodness.
Dark multi green Icelandic wool. Worsted - Bulky Wt. 86yrds. 2.5oz.
 Lime green Icelandic wool. Fingering - sport wt. 115 yrds. 1.4oz.

"Kitchen Sink" Skeins.  These are my first inclusion handspuns that are this crazy.  I literally went through all my sewing trims, yarn remnants, and misc. bits of wool and locks.  Then I picked a base fiber.  Then I just went to town spinning everything I could into these beauties.  I can't say how much I love them!  The white one is mostly sari silk, locks, and some commercial art type yarn pieces.
 Black "Kitchen Sink" skein.  Singles. 55yrds. 3.8oz. (Alaina loves this one and wants a hat)
 White "Kitchen Sink" skein.  Two ply with coils. 
Merino Tencel from a person on Ralvery.  I hated spinning this so I stopped about 1/4 of the way through my 4oz roving.  But, after letting it sit on the bobbin and then plying it, I'm actually really liking it and I think I'll spin up the rest of it.  Light Worsted Wt. 1.4oz and 115yrds.
OMG Tailspun.  My first and certainly not my last.  I had sooo much fun spinning this one up.  First I spun up the locks, then I plied it with some gold thread.  It's crazy soft and so colorful.  2.4oz and 38 yards.
 This one is from a roving that I got on Etsy.  100% Superwash BFL Worsted Wt. 4oz 225 yards.
 More to come later this week.  If I'm not to busy spinning!

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