Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Solstice Star Series - Block Along

Monday night I happened upon this blog post over on Fresh Lemons Quilt Blog.  What a pretty blog!  And, those star blocks are to die for!  Tuesday morning I started on the three blocks that were from previous weeks and was able to get them all finished.  This morning I refreshed the page and found that week 4's block was posted.  During Cael's nap I was able to finish that one.
Week One Block

 Week Two Block
I'm using all batiks with white as my background color.  I wanted to do a rainbow of colors on each star.  But, I was really surprised to find a total lack of yellows and oranges in my stash.  (the fabric show next month will be the prefect place to fix this problem!)  So, for those colors I'm fussy cutting some of my multicolored batiks.  So far I'm really happy with these.  I'm thinking it'll be a small quilt.  Goodness knows I don't want anything to difficult to quilt on my machine.  I am planning on adding some stars from her Summer Sampler as well.
Week Three Block

Week Four Block


Becky said...

Swinging over from the flickr group! I LOVE all of your blocks! I'm crazy about batiks, and decided to for once use something other than batiks, but looking at yours makes me want to do them all in batiks now too :-P. Thanks for sharing!

grendelskin said...

I found you on Flickr too; gorgeous blocks, keep up the good work!