Monday, January 23, 2012

Cael's Cardboard Boat

My hubby and I had a hard time thinking of something for Cael for Xmas.  He really didn't NEED anything.  But I wanted Santa to bring him something cool.  Something that he would absolutely love and play with.  My hubby kept saying that he would just as happy with a cardboard box, so we might as well save our money and just get him a few small things.  During a strong discussion, I yelled at him that he might as well make him something out of that darned cardboard box then!  Funny enough, we both kidna looked at each other and stared thinking.  The next day I told him to make a boat or a car or a train or, or, or.  But, he simply said... "A Car".  That same week he got to work.  What I thought would be a very simple cardboard boat turned into something really amazing.  Just look at this thing.  I think it would probably float across a large body of water before falling apart.  It's held together my hot glue and two corrugated layers of cardboard.  It was painted and then gorilla tape was used on all edges so it would be nice and smooth.  I added felt to the bottom and he added a rope to pull him around the house.  It slides beautifully on the hardwood flooring.  It's also got a little seat with a back rest, a steering wheel that turns, some knobs on the front dashboard, two drop holes up front, side rope with beads and two cute anchors in back.
This thing really goes to show you that you can make beautiful gifts for kids with cardboard.  As, he grows we plan to change things on it to keep it new and awesome.  We might even add a sail to it someday.  I need to get better pictures of him in it.  He really laughs when he's being pulled.  He loves to just sit in it and play.  And, his sisters and daddy all agree that they would totally play in it too if they could fit.

Boy, do I love that husband of mine...  He is continually surprising me.  I never thought he would put so much love and work into something like this.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised though.  He never does anything halfway. And, he would do anything to make his children smile.

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