Monday, October 10, 2011

Turning One!

Oh my little man.  How fast you've grown.  I can't believe we've had you for a whole year.  You've changed so much since the day you were born.  So tiny and fragile.  You've filled our lives with such joy and happiness.  You've completed our family in a way that even I can't describe.

The day you were born you had barely any hair.  Invisible eyebrows, and one eye that wanted to stay closed more than the other.  You were always hungry and wanted to be held always.  So soft and tiny.  Sweet and cuddly.  Your sweet wrinkly baby skin and smell had the whole household kissing and hugging you.

Health wise you were having troubles.  You were a snacker which was causing sleeping troubles. Our pediatrician was encouraging as much nursing as you could takeso she wanted us to tickle your feet and play with your tummy to try and get you to eat more at once. But, by day 15 you were in the hospital because you were projectile vomiting.  Thankfully it turned out to be nothing that they could find.  Daddy and I both decided that a to full tummy was causing the vomiting because once we stopped trying to get you to eat more at once, you stopped vomiting.

As the months ticked by you grew and changed so much.  By month three you were so much more aware of all around you.  You recognized your sisters and dad when they came into the room.  You started making noises and smiling.  You loved to look at toys and lay on the floor watching your sisters try and play with your.  Still not sleeping at all well, but other than that you were such a happy and content little man.

At 6 months you were rolling over and smiling at everything. You learned to sit up by about 7 months. Laughing and co-oing.  You always wanted to be right at the action, so you were sitting in your highchair a lot so you could see everything.  It was one of your favorite spots to sit.  I put one of those cart covers on it and hooked on toys.  You could play and be comfy.  Still not sleeping well, but you were starting on some very basic solids which made you very happy.

9 months and growing fast.  By now you were rolling to get to new places and getting up on all fours.  No crawling yet. But, you could go up the stairs...And, you loved it!  Slithering/Crawing happened around 10 months.  You would slither like a snake.  We called it your slither... or your amy man crawl.  You were very very efficient at it.  I think that is why it took you so long to actually crawl.  You got efficient at crawling by closer to 11 months.  You loved table foods.  Baby food did nothing for you.  You want to do it yourself or have us give you chunks of things.  No teeth yet so this was tricky.  I switched you to formula (my milk gave out) and you began sleeping a bit better.  Instead of being up with you 8 times a night, your were now only up 3!  You sleep on your belly with your bum in the air.  Soooo cute!  And, you sleep everynight with your bunny.  Grandma Vicki gave you this bunny for Easter and you won't let him go.  Oh... you love balls.  You would push them, watch them roll, and slither after them.  Below is daddy's favorite picture.  He calls this one "Dr. Evil"

12 months.  One year old!!  I still can't believe it.  Your cruzing around the furniture, climbing everything, and crawling so very fast. You love to be chased and climb the stairs.  You babble all the time, and love to look outside.  Playing outside is your favorite.   You love to explore and touch everything.  Not much goes into yorur mouth (thank goodness), but you do love to wipe things across your mouth.  Your sticking your fingers into any hole in your head.  Your mouth, nose, and ears.  Your fingers are always in your ears.  It seems like it's just a good resting place for your fingers.  Very cute!  Your loving fruits, veggies, and dairy.  Especially yogurt and cheese.  Your sleeping better.  Up maybe once to feed.  And your taking nice 2 hr naps during the afternoons.  Your such a sweet and loving little man.  You love to sit and cuddle and watch movies.  Your favorite right now is Cars.  You can't seem to get enough of that one.  Your favorite toys are your wood stacked toy.  (the kind with the rings that go on the pole thingy) You also love this car ram that you put a car on and it goes back and forth down the ramps.  Your favorite stuffed animal is still your bunny.  It's getting very loved.
Every day you grow and change and I just love watching you learn.  We love you more than you know!!!!

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