Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh, The Canning Love!

I finally got brave enough to try my hand at canning.  And now I'm addicted!  I look at all my fruit and veggies in a new light.  I wonder....  " How can I can that?"  I don't have much canned yet.  But, as the apples come into season here, I'll be canning more and more.
In the above photo I have applesauce, salsa, and pickled dilly beans.  Blow are some pickled asparagus I made yesterday.  (I'll post that pic in a few minutes) My favorite thing to do is pickle.  I want to pickle everything! 

Canning is one of those dying arts.  I know it's coming back a bit due to the economic issues all of us are facing now.  It just seems silly to me now that I've started canning that this was ever something that lost popularity.  When did preserving food for your family become an unimportant thing?   I guess canning goes hand in hand with long term food storage.  Something that almost everyone I know does not do.  Most of the families I know have only a few days worth of food in their pantries.  I'm hoping to spread the long term food storage love by handing out some home canned goods during the holidays.

As my supply of canned goodies grows I'll post more pics.  Soon to come (hopefully) will be canned meats, beans, and other pressure canner needed goods.  We haven't bought one yet, but I think we will be very soon.

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