Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pfaff 2140 = Heaven

I never knew what I was missing out on.  Until I got a new sewing machine.  I've only ever had a basic sewing machine.  You know, the kind that you can buy at Costco, Walmart, Joannes, etc.  I've read and heard from other sewers that there is nothing quite like a heavy duty machine what will continue to sew until you sew no more.    They are sooo right.  After months of looking around for the right machine for me, we finally came home with one.  We ended up at our local Sewing & Vac store.  I knew I wanted two things:  Auto Tension (the bread and butter of all things! and a longer arm)  After being shown every top of the line sewing machine in the store, my hubby noticed a previously used Pfaff sitting high up on a shelf.  Not only was it in our price range, but it does embroidery as well!!  She pulled it down off the shelf (I think she was still hoping that  we would go for the $4000.00 machines that she was trying to sell us) and we plugged it it.  It has auto tension and a medium length arm. The arm length isn't as long as I was hopping, but this was the only machine with auto tension that was under $2000.00.  After playing with the machine for over an hour she packaged it all up and we went home. 
 Here she is in action.  I've done some embroidery on it.  Which is very very cool.  I can download designs from the internet and send them to the machine.  I forsee many cute diaper bums in my sons future.  The greatest thing about this machine though is the sewing features.  It has a IDT foot in the back. (basically a built in walking foot) It'll cut the threads, knot, needle down, etc.  It has hundreds of stitches to choose from.  Even fonts.  And, you can design your own stitches right on the screen.  I've barely begun to use all that this machine has to offer.  I'm planning on taking classes from the store I bought it from. 

I'm hoping that this machine lasts me a good 10-20 years.  I don't see why it won't as long as I take care of it.  Here is my first completed project.  Super cute!


Nancy said...

A cute project and an even cuter baby.

I will also be getting a used Pfaff 2140 in a couple of weeks. I already have a non-embroidery machine from this store which I use for quilting, and a coverlock serger which I am learning to use for clothing. Now I'll be learning embroidery. Soon I'll have to give up sleeping.

Good luck with your new adventure. I'm a fan of Pfaff machines, so I'm sure you'll have it a long time.


Amelia said...

Could you tell me the length, width, and height of this mChine?

Melor Rahman said...

Congrats on your machine! i'm looking around this machine to replace my old one.