Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Cloth Diapering Experience

 I received a comment today on one of my diapering posts from way back. She asked about the fit of the diaper. It made me realize that I haven't really done a good diapering post since my son was born.

These first pictures are of my son during his first month. I tried to review each diaper that I made. It makes comparison easier for those of you trying to figure all this cloth diaper stuff out. I'm still figuring it out, but at least now I know what patterns I like and which fabrics I like. For now this post will just have the pictures. My next post will be a rundown of what I like and what I don't like. Click on each photo to enlarge because I've written about fit and feelings about each diaper on the photos.
VB NB Fitted made with jersey. I had 6 of these and loved them. He was about 8.5 lbs. here and 1 week old. The fit him until he was about a month old or so. I think I would have skipped these all together and made smalls instead with a cross over snap. The NB dipes were just grown out of to fast!
Very Baby fitted size small.  These fit until he was about 16 lbs.  Again... I would have made tons of these instead of the NB ones. 

Here is a medium Fattycake altered diaper.  He is 6 months old here and about 19 lbs.

Surprisingly this green Fattycake still fits him at 6 months and 19 lbs.  He won't for long though.
 More pics to come on the next post with things that he is wearing now and my overall review of everything!

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