Tuesday, August 24, 2010

39 Weeks & Our Pregnancy Story

Here I am... 39 weeks pregnant and ready to pop.
Below is my pregnancy in all it's glory. We've had a stressful, worrisome, anxious, and nerve wracking pregnancy. I kept things simple and left out our emotions about each event. But, trust me.... There have been lots of tears and honestly, I won't really feel peaceful about any of this until our son is in our arms and we know for certain that he is healthy.
Week 8: Pregnancy confirmed, dating ultrasound done. Due date September 2, 2010

Week 12: Genetics test done. Prick on finger for blood test (ouch!) and ultrasound done. Ultrasound looked good, but blood work showed we had a .53% chance of having a baby with downs syndrome. Genetics counselor calls to talk to me about our options. Decisions made at next appointment.

Week 16: Genetics consultation and Ultrasound. Consultation with the counselor was kind of a joke. She strongly advised us that we should have an amnio done as well as a few other blood tests. Amnio has a .5 – 1% chance of miscarriage. We declined the amnio and more blood work in favor of another ultrasound. Ultrasound showed that the fluid in the spine looked ok, all soft structures look fine (nose in particular), and all other organs looked fine, but the fatty fold in the back of the neck was borderline normal. Our risk for downs is still .53%. They suggested a heart echo with our standard 20 week ultrasound. It's a boy!!!!

Week 22: Standard 20 week ultrasound and heart echo. After a 2 hr. ultrasound we were told by the gleamingly happy doctor that everything looked great and that of all the ultrasounds this one was the most important in terms of any abnormalities. She said he looks perfectly healthy, BUT..... his kidneys are more immature than normal. She said that it's fairly common at 22 weeks to have kidneys that aren't fully functioning, but that we would need to come back at 32 weeks for another ultrasound to check to see if they are working normally. It's still a boy!!

Week 24: Monthly Check up. Been having braxton hicks for almost 2 weeks. Midwife looks at my chart and sees that my first baby came at 41 weeks and the second at 37 weeks. She says that with braxton hicks so soon that it is “very likely baby will come at or before 37 weeks”. No lifting over 25 lbs. And to take it easy when I have more than normal braxton hicks.... Great.

Week 32: Kidney ultrasound done. Baby still looks great. Right kidney was easily viewable and is pushing fluids as normal. Left kidney was tougher to see, but looks ok. We were told to let our pediatrician know just so she can be aware in case he has issues in the first year.

Week 36: Monthly check up and strep b culture. Normal visit. Yeah!!

Week 36 and 1 day: Midwife called to say that I tested negative for strep B, but I have strep A. (most commonly strep throat) Didn't know how I got it, but they put me on antibiotics.

Week 37: Weekly Check up. Strep A culture taken to make sure antibiotics worked. We found out that I caught it from the hospital when we went to visit Curtis's grandfather. He had staph in his blood and a different infection in a hole in his foot due to Diabetes. Midwife said that there are lots of strep bacterias and that she hopped that mine wasn't antibiotic resist.

Week 37 and 2 days: Midwife calls and says I'm clear of all strep A!!!!

Week 38: Weekly Check up. Nothing fancy this time! I'm dilated to 1 and I'm getting close.

Week 39: Weekly Check up. I've had braxton hicks and what I call “pelvic grinding” for the past 4 days. Peeing every hour through the night. Generally big, very tired, and ready to give birth. No induction set... but I'm now 3 cm dilated and 75 – 80% effaced. Midwife does a sweeping of the membranes to help induce labor naturally. Ouch!! If my body is “ready” I may go into labor in 12-24 hours. We'll be taking a walk tonight and I'll be puttering around the house to encourage labor.

Hopefully my next baby/pregnancy related post will be our birth story and pictures of new baby!!

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