Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Dusted Off The Ole' Kiwi

It's been since before Christmas that I spun anything. I finally dusted off (literally) my kiwi and went spinnin'. I've finished 4 spools of yarn. I got in some really really pretty rovings so I'm excited to do more in the next few weeks.

Up first are my favorites. These are superwash wool. I spun these to be singles. 4 oz. total. I'm not sure the yardage yet. I'm letting them rest on the bobbin before I take them off. I love the colors. The yarn will be self stripping. I'm thinking these will make adorable long arm/wrist warmers for one of my daughters for next winter.
The next two are from the last batts that I made up before shipping off my drum carder. heard me right. I sold the drum carder. Anyways, I used up a ton of Phat Fiber loose fibers in the redish skein and the other grayish one is a mix of purples, blues and grays. The gray one is plyed with dark gray cashmere recycled yarn. I love the redish singles one. It has gorgeous locks and sparkles everywhere. I'm guessing there is about 15o yards in that one. And, maybe 175 yards in the gray one. Any suggestions as to what to do with these?

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