Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Very Peacefull Weekend

This last weekend we took a trip to my parents house on the peninsula. It was a much needed vacation after a week of family drama and a whole lot of stress. We have never been down there for the 4th and I must say.... it's where you'll find us the 4th from now on! It was everything the 4th should be. Lots of relaxation, sun, sand, and enough fireworks all up and down the beach to rival any show I've ever seen.

Mom and I chillin by the bonfire. My hubby set up a log in front of our chairs so we could put our feet up.
lThe most beautiful girls ever. Ok... I'm biast (did I spell that right?) But just look at those curls glowing in the sunset and that adorable hat and the loving sisterly digging.... it just can't get better than that.
Busy hands make for a faster drive home. I'm so glad that knitting doesn't make me care sick.

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