Monday, May 18, 2009

Mail.... I love getting packages

I know that I've said this time and again, but.... I love my postal carrier. She always brings me such wonderful things. Today I received two packages. The top of the photo show some hand carved stamps that I purchased on Etsy from Winemakerssister. They are awesome! One is a spool of thread and the other is a ball of yarn with knitting needles. I'm planning on using these on tags when I send things out. The packaging was to die for. So cute! The other package was items from a speed swap on Ralvery. I received two skeins of 100% fine merino 3 ply bulky wool yarn. I can't wait to dye these up! 1 skein of some blue and black yarn. I don't remember the wool content, I'll have to go check on that. Size 10 bamboo circular needles, 1 Brittany size F crochet hook (This is my favorite thing. The carved handle is awesome.) And, 7 stitch markers.

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