Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Socks! - Pattern Review

With the weather getting colder outside and heating prices going up, my hubby and I decided that we needed to leave off the heat more often. For the most part this is not that big of an adjustment. But, over the last week the weather has gotten pretty fidged (is that even a word?) in the morning and I keep hearing the same complaint. “Our toes are froze!!” (we have hardwood flooring throughout our downstairs) My girls do have slippers, but trying to find the matching pair when you need them can be almost impossible.

I wanted to knit us all a few pairs of thick warm winter socks, but I know that will take me until next summer to complete. I needed a faster remedy that was inexpensive and quick. So, I started looking on etsy to see if I could buy some socks... Well... I found this pattern to make polar fleece socks. I immediately purchased it. It arrived through pdf within about 7 hours. It was late.. almost 10 in the evening, but I couldn't go to bed without making at least one “test” pair. I pulled out about a half yard of leftover orange polar fleece from my daughters costume last year. (she was an orange cat) I first made up the largest pattern in hopes that it would fit my hubby. He tried them on and instantly loved them. I just had to make some for me too... and I did. Again with the orange fleece. I've now made everyone in the family at least one pair. I've been adding some puff paint to the bottoms of the girls so they aren't slipping around. I've got sooo much random fleece in a huge bin that I have been wanting to use up for some time now. I for-see many pairs of polar fleece socks under the Christmas tree this year.

Pattern information: I purchased this pattern from Cherryblossoms on etsy. Here is a link to her etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=65807

*I don't usually do reviews on my blog. But, from the minute that I finished and put on these amazing socks I was in love. And, I knew that I had to share.


heidi jo said...

i've been searching and searching for a free pattern for these socks and found your site. did you ever come across any free patterns for this sock online? THEY LOOK AWESOME. i used to have a pair of fleece socks and if i could find them i'd take them apart to use them for a pattern... but alas, they are lost.

anyway - kudos on your socks - i guess i'll have to order online if worse comes to worst. :)

heidi jo

bperry042 said...

I looked all over online for a free pattern as well. My hubby told me to just "Buy the pattern already!!". Since I was planning on making so many of them as Christmas gifts, I decided to do just that. It's very much worth buying. My whole family and everyone that I gave these to for Christmas LOVE them. Good luck!