Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Felt Attack!!!

I have received several orders for my children's play felt food over the past 2 weeks. My new drafting table went from perfectly clean and organized to a cluttered felt filled table in about 10 minutes. I love felt. It's so colorful and cheerful to work with. And, I love making toys for children that are educational, safe, and entertaining. I've been inspired to make a few new items after I finish up my orders. So, check back for final photos of what I'm working on as well as some fresh new items.


Astrid said...

Love to see what you are doing - I am inspired by your felt food! Where do you get your felt? The fabric store I went to had pitiful selections... do you buy online?


bperry042 said...

Thanks! I'll be posting pics in a day or two. I'm almost finished.

I do buy my felt in my local fabric store. It's a big one, so they usually have what I need.