Sunday, November 4, 2007

First Kool Aid Dying Experience!!

So, early last week I received over 8 lbs of wool roving's from the Sheep Shed. (I'll post about that later) I decided to dye up some of the roving's using Kool Aid. I only had a few colors in the house, so I grabbed two 3 oz. sections of roving's and made two batches using the following colors: First I used Cherry, Black Cherry, and Grape. I was hoping for more of a blended look. You can barely see the difference between Cherry and Black Cherry. But, I still love it and I can't wait to spin it up this week. For the other batch I used, Strawberry, Lemon Lime, and Raspberry Reaction. I love how this one turned out. I really have to get more colors the next time I'm at the supermarket. I've never dyed anything before, so I was kinda shooting in the dark. I used bits and pieces of other tutorials to make these. Here's a sum up of how I did it.

First I got small plastic cups for mixing my colors in. I them covered the counter with a double layer of saran wrap.

I dampened my wool a bit and layed it on the saran wrap.

Then I used a spoon to put the colors where I wanted them.

After I was done with that, I wrapped the wool in the saran wrap and rolled it up and put it into a Tupperware bowl. I did both batches the same way.

When both were done I put both Tupperware in the microwave and microwaved them for one minute.... then turned over the wool so the dye would evenly fall to the other side and nuked for another minute. I had no idea how long it needed to absorb all the dye, so I ended up nuking the stuff for like 10 min. (probably to long) I noticed that the water was clear and all the dye had been absorbed by the wool.

I rinsed it out in the sink and let it dry. And... Ta Da!!!! Pretty roving's!!!

After it was done drying I broke up the roving's into pencil rovings so I have an easier time of spinning it. I'm still not good at doing it with big wads. In all it was lots of fun. I'm going to let my daughters help next time. They will LOVE it.

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