Friday, July 26, 2013

Newborn & Small Diaper Sewing

I still can't believe I need to make diapers again.  Making these newborns and smalls has been great though.  They are soooo tiny!  I really loved to cloth diaper that first year.  And, while I don't mind doing it now (Cael is almost 3 and should be potty trained within the next 3 months or so) it's harder now that he is eating and drinking like the rest of us.  We've had more stinky diaper issues and staining issues during the last 18 months or so.  Anyways... I read though my posts that i did on diaper and diaper patterns.  I'm sooo glad that I made those posts.  It was nice to remember my favorites and what I liked and didn't like.  I decided that based on that I wouldn't do any newborns.  They only fitted for about 6 weeks or so. 

On to the stash! 
 Two wool covers made from felted sweaters.  Both are LDD's.  The one on the left is a small and the one on the right is a newborn.  I LOVE velcro for covers and I hate doing up tons of snaps during diaper changes.
 I think I might be one of the few who don't like prefolds.  They always seamed to thick and I could never get them on right.  I saw some tutorials for turning them into prefitteds so I tried that.  I think I'll really like these.  On the right are toddler size.  But I think they will fold down to a medium / large.  The ones on the right are infant prefolds and are a nb/sm size.  I'll make more as I find the prefolds.
 These are almost finished... they just need their velcro tabs.  All are Rocketbottom Step 1 Diapers.  I think I'm going to love love love these.  They will snap from a NB to a Small and are supposed to fit 8-18 lbs!  They are all pockets with microfleece liners.
 6 Very Baby Sm AI2's.  The top ones are serged and the bottom ones are turned and topstitched.  I love the Very Baby pattern and highly recommend it.

3  Very Baby Sm Fitteds.  These are sooo soft and squooshy.  Made with stretch terry and some other terry cloth and zorb in the soakers. 
3 NB LDD AI2's.  I know, I know.  I said no Newborn dipes.  But, I had some scrap PUL that was just barely big enough for the NB size so I decided to make them.  I know they will get used in those first weeks and I'll probably be glad for them.  Especially if this baby decides to be smaller than his brother.

This isn't the end of my stash.  I did receive a box of diapers from another cloth diapering mamma.  I did take pictures before I boxed them up but for the life of me I can't find those photos.  But, the box included both newborn and small fitteds, covers, AI2's and some woolies

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