Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Think I Have A Problem With My Brain Being Missing.....

The past 2 months have moved by like a blowing fog. Most days I honestly couldn't tell you the date, let alone what day of the week it is. The only things that seem to be marking the passing of time are my rapidly growing new son, the weather, and my two daughters who are so very excited for the upcoming holidays.
As I sit here listening to the laundry going, the smelling the crock pot doing it's job, and watching Cael sleep, I find myself itchy to do more than just the "new baby in the house" stuff. And, yet I'm certainly not bored. Caring for my new son fills most of my days. And, he honestly gives me a sort of peaceful calm. The kind of calm that makes it hard to feel motivated to do anything else except stare at him and play with him. Things like laundry, keeping the kitchen clean, cooking, and just general house cleaning is all I've really been doing while my girls are at school. Some days those things don't even get done. Evenings are filled with homework, dinner, and the general craziness of raising a family.
I think what I'm looking for is more concentrated sewing/art time. I have so many ideas for Christmas presents and Cael really needs more diapers sewn up. Trying to find any kind of rhythm to my day so I can do those things is nearly impossible. My brain just can't keep up..... I used to be able to keep everything in order in my head. You know.... the things that your family members should do/remember but always forget so you have to remember for them. Things like: grab that extra coat , bring snacks, grab the water bottles for Ray's soccer practices, lunches in the backpacks, etc. Now it seems that if my family forgets those things that are normally theirs to do, I'll forget too. Oh well.....
For now I think I'll just feed my son (who's now awake) and maybe cut out a diaper or two if he's up for sitting and watching me. Oh... and maybe when the girls get home from school they can help me find my brain. I have a feeling that it's somewhere upstairs in the bedroom where sleep used to be.

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