Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MIA For A Very Good Reason

I realize I haven't blogged since Christmas, and I promise that it's been for a very good reason. We're expecting our 3rd child in very early September! Our girls are completely thrilled and excited. As are all our family members and friends. Being 12 weeks along now, I'm starting to feel more human and I've been slowly getting back to my "normal" routine. Today I had a 12 week ultrasound and saw our little one moving around, rubbing his face, and just looking adorable. (we don't know if it's a girl or boy yet... for now the baby is mostly referred to as "he or him" instead of "it") It's just amazing how quickly they grow.... inside and outside of the uterus. I saw baby at 8 weeks and he looked like a little peanut. And, just 4 weeks later it looks like a whole person. So tiny! We are excited to find out what he/she is in April. I'll be sure to share the news when we find out. Check out the new widget on my side bar to track the babies growth.

In other news: I am purging things in my art space. With another baby coming I am cutting down on the amount of different crafts that I do. I'll be posting a list of things for sale with photos in the coming week and if you see anything that you want just send me an email. I'll also be posting things on etsy and our local Craigslist. Some items will include: drum carder, lots of raw wool and cardable wool chunks and various fibers.

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