Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break

Our spring break through the lens of my camera.
Columbia Valley Area. Sorry I don't remember exatly where we were when I shot this. It was gorgeous though.
White Pass. The lake was frozen over. I've never seen a lake that size frozen over before. My hubby got this shot.
Columbia River near the town of Hood River. It was so windy. But very pretty.
Erma. Without whom we would have gotten lost more times than I can count.
My end table. Crowded with a few projects. Yarn spools from Yarnia, A scrappy hexagon quilt in the making, and some drum carded batts waiting to be spun.

I would insert a picture of the kids here. But, I honestly didn't get very many pics of them. That's kinda sad actually. I'll have to take some over the next few days. The weather is gorgeous right now and the girls have been frolicking outside with their friends.

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