Thursday, July 17, 2008

Felt Foods For Sale - Photos Added

Edit: Photos of most of the items listed below have been added to this post. Please see below price list for the pictures. More photos will be added soon. Thanks.

I've had many requests for my felt foods. So, I've decided to put up a price list. Anyone who would like to order something, please send me a message/comment or email me. If you don't see an item on the list that you would like, just let me know and I will see about making that item for you. Photos of most of these items are shown on my felt foods post. Thanks everyone for your support and wonderful comments on my felt foods.

Things to note:
- Shipping is extra and based on your location.
- When ordering, please let me know which item you would like and and the amount of pieces/sets you want.
- If you want a color change just let me know and I will do what I can to accommodate you.
- All items are made with acrylic felt unless otherwise noted. I do as much machine sewing as possible to keep cost low.. so most the decorative stitching you get will be done on the machine. I use polyfill and occasionally recycled yarns to stuff my foods.
- Small items like fruit snacks and anything beaded is not recommended for children under the age of 3. Beading can be omitted for items upon request.
- Colors may vary slightly depending on what is available. Please ask if you would like a color change and I will do everything I can to find that color.

Items are prices per piece or set. The amount of each item in a set is noted.
Fruits & Veggies:

Single Color Flat Items (flat slices of things):
Banana OR Pickle (set of 3) - $1.50
Tomato's (set of 2) - $1.50
Lettuce (set of 7 different colored and shaped leaves) - $4.00
Lettuce (set of 3 - this would be good if you just want some lettuce for sandwiches and hamburgers) - $1.75
Onion pieces (set of 3) - $1.00
Half slices of lemon OR lime - $0.75 per half slice

Two Color Flat Items:
Cucumber (set of 2) - $2.00
Kiwi (this one is a ½ slice with beading) - $3.00
If you would prefer paint instead of beading - $1.50

Whole Fruits & Veggies:

Baby Carrots (set of 4) - $2.00
4-5” Whole Carrot - $2.00
3” Whole Tomato - $2.50
3” Whole Onion - $2.50
Whole Pear - $3.00
Whole Apple $2.50
Corn on the cob (with removable husks) - $8.00
Whole Mushrooms (set of 3) - $6.00
Brocolli (set of 3) - $5.00
Cauliflower (set of 3) - $5.00
Whole Eggplant - $3.00

Strawberries w/ beads (set of 3) - $9.00
w/out beads (set of 3) - $5.00
Soy Beans (set of 3) - $2.00
Lemon or Lime - $1.50


Pepperoni slices (4 total) - $2.00
Meatballs (2) - $2.50
Hamburger Patti - $2.00
Mystery lunch meat (1 pink colored round slice) - $1.00
Lunch meat (1 cream colored “turkey” or 1 brown colored “roast beef”) $1.00 ea
Steak, Pork, Fish Filet- $6.00 ea
Meatloaf $2.00

Sandwich bread (whole wheat or white) (1 slice) - $2.50
Incredible "Infinity" bendable wrap bread/crust - $6.00
Hamburger Bun with “seads” on top - $6.00
Bow-tie pasta (whole wheat or white Or I can mix them)(set of 12 pieces) - $3.00
Pancake - $2.00
Quesadilla with 6 slices approx. 12” around - $6.00
note: the quesadilla works great a pizza crust as well!!
Baked / Mashed Potato (will come with a creamy potato center with a removable skin) – $6.00

Misc. Items:

Fried Egg - $2.50
Whole egg - $2.00
Syrup - $0.50
Gravy $0.50
Butter slice (set of 2) - $0.75
Bacon Strips (set of two) - $4.00
Pasta Sauce glob (approx. 5” around)- $3.00
Pizza Sauce glob - looks like the photos with stuffing and extra layers of felt to look more 3D(will fit on incredible bendable wrap or quesidilla) - $4.00
OR Pizza Sauce glob - will be two pieces of flat felt with decorative swirl stitching in the middle - $1.50
Mesh Cheese for pizza - $4.00
Note: Pizza sauce OR Mesh Cheese can be cut into 6 pieces to fit onto the quesadilla pieces for an additional $1.00
Cheese Slice (white, orange or yellow) - $1.00
Cheese slice with holes (this one is pale yellow) - $1.50
Cheese & Crackers (4 crackers and 6 different colored cheese slices) $3.00
Peanut Butter & Jelly Globbs - $2.00 for both
Ketchup & Mustard Globbs (circle shape for hamburgers & sandwiches) - $2.00 for both
Bag of chips – Includes a bag and 6 chips. Your choice of cheese triangle chips or oval potato chips - $6.00
Tea bags (set of 4) - $2.00
Plain lunch sack - $7.00
Lettering added (cost is per letter) - $0.30

Frosted Donut - $5.00
With beads added - $6.00
Sugar cookies w/ frosting (set of 3) - $7.00
With beads added (set of 3) - $10.00

Bag of Fruit Snacks (not recommended for small children) - Includes a little felt bag and 6 felted colorful fruit snacks - $10.00 (the fruit snacks are felted and take some time to make)

Sugar Cookies (with bead sprinkles), and Fruit snacks
Pancakes, Syrup, Butter Slices, Fried Eggs, and Bacon Stripes

Quesadilla & Bow-tie Pasta, Sauce, & Meatballs
Lunch meat sandwich showing: bread, mystery meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, & pickles

Infinity Bread Uses: Pizza Crust, pizza sauce, pizza mesh cheese, pepperoni slices
Wrap bread / pita pocket, veggies or fruit inside

Examples of the fruits and veggies

Whole lemon, lime, tomato, and onion.

Meats: The steak is "raw" on one side and "grilled" on the other. Hamburger patti, meatballs, pepperoni, and bacon.

Dairy: Mesh Cheese, White, Yellow, Orange, & Swiss Cheese, Butter, and Eggs.

Condiments: Pizza & Pasta Sauce, Ketchup & Mustard Blobs, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Syrup.

Grains: Any of these can be made as white or wheat. Quesadilla, Pancakes, Sandwich Bread, Hamburger Buns, Infinity Bendy Bread, and Bow-Tie Pasta

Example of the pizza sauce and mesh cheese cut into 6th and placed on quesadilla to form a pizza.

Potato Chips, Cheese Triangle Chips, and Tea Bags. Please note that the colors used on the chip bags will vary.


K2tog said...

These are fantastic - would love to order some of your felt foods for my young uns for christmas.

please contact me.

bperry042 said...

I would love to make you some things for your young ones for Christmas. Please send my your email addy to me at: So we can discuss your order.

Anonymous said...

these are great! i love the way you did the pizza sauce. I linked to you from

Do you have an etsy shop?


bperry042 said...

Thanks! I do have an etsy shop. It's here:

I plan on putting up some of my felt foods sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Unknown said...

I would greatly be interested in ordering some felt food from you for my children also, are you still taking orders?

Unknown said...

I would like to order some felt food from you also. Are you still taking orders and are your prices the same?

bperry042 said...

Melanie - I am still taking orders. My prices are still the same. The only item that is not for sale anymore is the fruit snacks. My email is Feel free to send me an email listing what you would like to have made and any other questions you have. And, don't hesitate to ask for things that aren't on my list. Maybe I can make them! Thanks for your interest. Take Care.